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Start: May 13, 2024

From Sales to Project Handover
Real Projects Examples
1 year access to records

We did our best for this training

Seeing same mistakes every time for many years - this is really frustrating. Do not learn on your own mistakes, use our knowledge to skip the hard part and start enjoying what you do

Manufacturers try to sell you their product. Other installers see you as competitor. They will not share what they know with you.

Our priority is different. We want you to have successful projects, no matter which smarthome systems and software you use.
Learn on experience
Other courses will not teach you this

The training course is developed for:

System Integrators

Get knowledge from experts of the industry

Interior Designers

Understand engineering of your future projects
Learn current technologies and home automation project implementation


Develop a perspective job-relevant skills with hands-on projects


Move to another level of real estate functional features

Building Developers

Earn more profit from current clients


Training course outcome

Get course certification
Examples of projects for your own use
Professional skills rise
Your business moves to another level
Implement projects faster
Understand how Home Automation market works
More profit from your projects
Know reliable technical solutions

This is you journey to get professional knowledge, developed based on 11 years of our teaching experience

How our trainings work

Feedback and recomendations from course authors
Result in your everyday work
Homework with assesment
Materials for your future jobs
Support on every stage
8 main modules
Online learning platform
Experience practice
Every part of the course is developed from years of experience
After payment you get access to the main part of the course
Some assessment should be completed to get access to the next part of the training
After final task is complete you get course certification

Training contents


Vitaly S.
After training: successfylly started to offer Smarthome systems to his clients. About 50% of clients buy equipment from him. Profit rise 7 times
Before training: electrician, doing apartment renovation projects
Marianna S.

After training: received certificates from several manufacturers of home automation systems, opened an individual entrepreneur and started a business installing Smart Home systems. Clients purchase equipment through its organization and receive turnkey installation and maintenance. The company's turnover for the first year is about 350 000 EUR

Before training: interior designer, engineering systems designer

Alexander M.

After training: understood how to additionally install water leakage control systems, lighting control systems and motorized curtains for his clients. Now he gets projects through word of mouth and started earning about 3 times more on each completed project

Before training: private security system installer. Installs video surveillance systems, intercom systems, access control, presence sensors


  • Regarding the course, for  me, as  the head of the project department, there was a lot of useful information in  understanding what is happening in the market; some points are now streamlined. Thank you very much for  this course!

    SMS Pro
  • After completing your course, I have new ideas that I plan to implement. The classes were useful and   showed   what you need to learn. There is a need for  in-depth study of IP, LAN, and multimedia

    Vadim Efimov
  • Thank you very much for  the course, very much

    useful on  it and  it’s very cool that different systems are presented.

    I think everyone has got ideas on how to integrate these systems!

    Andrei Nalichaev
  • The course I completed was interesting, special thanks for the  homework assignments that help consolidate knowledge

    Dmitry Maltsev

Smarthome Installer
Training Price


1200 AED

Technical + Sales

Business Owner

1900 AED
4000 AED
+ more:
+ more:
4 Technical modules
2 Sales modules
4 Technical modules
2 Sales modules
2 Business modules
• smarthome sales basics
• business models for the market
• smarthome marketing basics
• business strategy basics
• self presentation
• growth methods
Feedback on home tasks
• digital transformation basics
Personal Consultation
with expert
Feedback on home tasks
Personal business tracking
with expert
Additional materials:
• project documentation examples
• BOQ / Quotation examples
• real Smarhome sites information
• additional videos and trainings
4 Technical modules

If training course material is not what you expected - we will return money


Nikolai Rusanov

20 years of experience in home/building automation market

Sales and Technical Director for distribution of 8 international brands

Business Development Director of Iridium Mobile 2014-2020

Project manager in multiple home/building automation installations

International entrepreneur

Invited speaker for Smarthome, Smart City and Internet of Things conferences

Author of certification training courses for multiple brands

5 reasons to start now

Market is quickly growing
Invest in yourself
Real estate is booming
Stop loosing money on simple mistakes
Course price will rise

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